Each of us has a different hobby. The theme of weapons evokes a bit of fear and stress. Not everybody likes weapons and that is alright, but people that have a hobby in shooting ranges know, that when they are practicing, they are in good hands. When somebody likes weapons or they like the look of them, it does not mean, that they are violent or something. When someone wants to try a shooting range, it has nothing to do with violence, but interest in weapons. It is like people that like airsoft, they are not dangerous or something, they just want to have fun and it is their hobby.

Shooting range

For people like them, so if you are interested in weapons and maybe their functions, there is a really good and cheap shooting range in Prague and it is called Outback Prague. They have the best experience of shooting in Prague. This shooting range is there since 2013 and since that year they have always cared about the customers. From the first contact to the complete end, they really care about your satisfaction with them. Its mission is simple but at the same time really hard and that is to provide customers an experience that they will remember for a lifetime. However, they are doing really well with this type of task.


If you are interested in their shooting range, you must check their shooting packages. They have four shooting packages and everybody can try what they want at the time. But why you should choose them? First thing is that the indoor range is independent of weather, so you don`t have to care about rain or these types of complications. The best plus is their prices, they really want you to be happy with their services, so they are trying to make it really cheap. But if you find some good prices for the same services, let them know, because they can make a deal.

If you have any specific wishes, like the choice of weapons, or the number of ammunition outside the parameters of the offer packages, do not hesitate to contact them.